Our DIY Shutters


One thing I always wanted when I owned my first home was shutters. I knew this was going to be a big expense and use up a large portion of our budget, but felt it would transform the house and go a long way towards my dream home.

After a few quotes from well know suppliers of shutters,  I decided to look into fitting these ourselves. My husband is pretty handy when it comes to this sort of thing so I wasn’t too worried about the actual fitting of them.

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We found a company call Web Blinds which at the time were part of the Hilary’s group, this gave me confidence that we would be buying a quality product.

I sent off for colour samples and decided to go for real wood shutters in white, cafe style. This was their most expensive option, but I wanted to make sure they would last.

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Their step by step online guides were brilliant and easy to follow. There was lots of measuring across all angles of the windows to be sure they would fit. We decided on a frame to fit outside the recess to add some detail to the rooms as we were not going to have curtains. This did however mean I lost all my window ledges.

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We ordered five shutters in total. Two for the lounge, one in the kitchen and one each in ours and Theo’s room. We made a decision not to do the small spare room at this point as it was on the side of the house and not noticeable from outside.


The ordering process was quick and easy and they went through everything on the phone to double check measurements etc. (I also had a note book with the windows numbered in the same order so I could cross reference when they arrived).

I have to be honest, fitting them had it’s trials and errors! Some of them went in like a dream and others went in okay but some of the shutters didn’t quite close. I’m sure no one would notice this but I am something of a perfectionist. We particularly struggled with ours and Theo’s bedrooms which resulted in us swapping them over to get one to fit! We then had to shave away some of the plaster around the window frame in our room to get that one to fit in.

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We have no idea why this happened but the company we used (Web-Blinds)  got bought out by Blinds To Go half way through our order and then they stopped doing our shutters, we didn’t hold out much hope of getting them replaced so just made them fit. You wouldn’t know that we had problems and you can’t see any of the damage to the window.

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All in all our shutters cost around £1400 this included a 10% discount as well as a sale price. Far from the figures of around £3000 that I was quoted. I’m really pleased with them and the actual quality of the shutters is really good.

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My advice would be that if you can afford to get a reputable company in to measure and install your shutters, this would always be my first choice. If however like me you are on a tighter budget then our option is definitely one to consider. You will need someone who knows what they are doing to install them. You need to know how to handle a drill and have a good knowledge of wall fixings, we have found that Duo Fischer wall plugs are the best on plasterboard.

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Overall from measuring up to our finished installed shutters, the whole experience has been fairly painless. The one thing to remember if you are considering shutters is the lead times, it can take months before they are ready from the time you order them.

I love the ease of them, they keep the light out at night, the house cool in summer and look great. I hope this has helped any of you thinking about installing your own shutters.

All text and images are copyright Maison des Lesage unless stated and opinions are my own.

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