Where are all the toys!


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I get asked this all the time when I post pictures of my house. As you know I have a three year old boy, who like most three year olds has a lot of stuff!  I do like to be organized, but by no means do I live in a show home!


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The key to the way we live is clever, hidden storage for all of Theo’s toys. During the day all of his stuff gets strewn across the house just like everyone else’s, but the key to this is that if I want/need to I can quickly tidy it away in to cupboards and have some adult time.

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This IKEA Besta TV unit houses some of Theo’s toys and books

I love our little house and we have plenty of space for the three of us, however I don’t have the luxury of a separate playroom. This is why I have to be organized, so when it comes to the evening we can just relax in the lounge without wading through a pile of toys. I try to find storage solutions that sit well in my home, like these sea grass baskets.

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We use the storage boxes in our IKEA kallax bookcase for Theo’s toys, the baskets on top of it and the two large round baskets on the floor are filled with more toys.

We made a conscious choice to give Theo the larger of our two other bedrooms, mainly because it had a large cupboard in it that we can store toys in. We also wanted some of his larger toys to be in here, like his farm and kitchen. He’s just coming to the age now where he will play in his room by himself and he has plenty of room to do this.

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This is some of the toy storage we have in Theo’s room along with his big cupboard.

Another key thing to this is minimalism. I’ve read a bit about this, mainly on kids toys and  play rooms. I’ve also experimented with some of the theories and found them to work for us. If you watch how your child/children play in a playroom/room full of toys, from my experience they pretty much just empty everything into one big pile on the floor. Maybe play with something for a few minutes then move on! If you took away all of that stuff and just put down a few select toys. They will most likely sit and play for longer and get more involved with imaginative/role play.

I use this theory at home by rotation, every few weeks I swap over the toys we have downstairs for something from the cupboard upstairs. This minimalises the toys we have out at any one time, and basically means less mess to tidy up at the end of the day and more interactive play from your little ones.

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So this is where all our toys are! And how I try to keep some sense of organisation in my home. I’m certainly not perfect and there are some days when my house just descends in to chaos but with most of the above we are generally on an even keel.

Thank you for reading and I hope you can take away some ideas or inspiration.

All text and images are copyright Maison des Lesage unless stated and opinions are my own.

One thought on “Where are all the toys!

  1. Th Raynald says:

    Une jolie maison bien entretenue ou il fait bon vivre pour un enfant Voila une organisation
    très intelligente La décoration est superbe


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